View Full Version : Normal Stay Profile for a G2 MMR...

08-24-2009, 07:44 AM
I found that the normal stay profile on my recently received MMR was not correct for my body. I have a flat rear-end, and the normal profile caused the lumbar pad to put too much pressure on the small of my back, as well as pulling the waist belt down in front and giving me hotspots on the fronts of me hips. Yesterday, I re-bent the stays to fit me better. The difference is remarkable. I'm looking forward to my next hike Thursday evening so that I can test it in the real world.

Anyway, in the course of bending the stays, I made a tracing of the stays as delivered from Kifaru (normal profile, not flat). I have access to a precision scanner here at my office, so I scanned it to a pdf file. If anyone needs the profile for any reason, send me a PM or email, and I'll send the pdf to you (it's about 45KB, which exceeds the limit for attachments to this message). You'll need to take it somewhere with a large format printer to print it.