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08-19-2009, 11:20 AM
Hey guys, for those of you that aren't aware of it, Kifaru is now on Facebook. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I was finally able get on. I'm still trying to get into the 21st century, but dragging my feet the whole way LOL! Here ya go:



08-19-2009, 12:46 PM
LOL! Thats one thing, I've never gotten into yet. My GF has been taken over by face book!

08-19-2009, 10:42 PM
Actually found you on twitter first.

08-20-2009, 02:28 AM
Very COOL ! :cool:

08-20-2009, 04:30 AM
Mel, is Kifaru going to include Tactical items in the Facebook page or would it be mainly Hunting related?


08-20-2009, 09:14 AM
Adi, you will see mention of Tactical gear on the Facebook page also, but truthfully, you won't see anything there that you won't see here on the message board first.


08-20-2009, 10:33 AM
Hey guys, I have a couple questions about Facebook, as I don't have a clue to what it's really about. Is it more a social scene, or can it have big benefits for a business? I'm confused over the whole "friends" or "fans" thing. How will your Facebook friends, or more importantly their Facebook friends, find out about Kifaru if they never heard of it before? I'm sure I'll have more questions later.


David in OR
08-20-2009, 10:47 AM
I don't know about actual business impacts. There's probably some early research out there, but I wouldn't know where to look.

Regarding how word spreads on FB, I think it depends on how people have their privacy settings dialed and how many "friends" they have. I've got my settings clamped down tight, so that only my relatively few "friends" (who are, actually, my real friends) can see anything of mine on FB. Others can't even find my FB presence via Google.*

So in my case, I just became a fan of Kifaru, and any of my friends who visit my profile page will see that I have done that. And since I'm always nattering on about how comfortable my pack is, they might actually click the link. But I think that's where the infection stops, in my case.

* Privacy note for anyone who's curious/concerned: If one of my friends tags me in a photo on their site, and they have their site open to the universe, that photo, with my name on it, is available to all and sundry. So you youngsters, beware... ;)

08-20-2009, 10:48 AM
Facebook is a social scene.

However, people can become fans of Kifaru, they will then get updates from Kifaru if you guys send it out. Their friends will also be able to see they are fans of Kifaru.

I wouldn't call it a BIG impact on business in that it won't make or break the company... but I suppose it's a way to built some brand image.

08-20-2009, 12:42 PM
Mel, thanks for the info.

Facebook it's more of a social scene but if you have the time you can use it as a (limited) business vehicle. You can use the account to notify people (friends and fans) of a new product, events etc...and have it all done through Facebook server. I guess it's handy for people/user who don't always come to the forum or site to check a new product or event date as the news/notification will be pushed into their accounts.

Adi, you will see mention of Tactical gear on the Facebook page also, but truthfully, you won't see anything there that you won't see here on the message board first.


08-21-2009, 08:27 AM
Hey guys, someone help me out here! I'm trying to post photos on the Kifaru Facebook page, but having problems. You'll notice that I was able to get one photo up by luck. It seems that when I try to post up a photo, they end up in the fan photo section over on the left sidebar, but not in my post. Here's how I have been trying to do it. I write my post, then click onto the attach photo box. Next, it says upload photo, and I click onto that. Then the browser box comes up, and I click onto the photo I want from my computer, and it goes into the open box next to the browser box. Then the only thing left for me to click onto is the share box. When I do that, it seems like it's loading, but it never does. In a few minutes I end up seeing the photo in the fan photo section. What the hell am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.


08-21-2009, 09:05 AM
Hi Mel,

You might need to create an "album" first. But if you want to add photos to a current album, go to the "photo" tab, click on the album you want and there should be a link above the thumbnails titled "Add more photos"

If, on the other hand, you'd like to do it from the status field (like what you seem to be doing now) You'd want to create an "album" too so it doesn't default to "fans" pictures.

The main difference of the two methods is, If you do it via the "photo" tab, you'd need to assign names of fans or friends you want to see the photos (one by one), while if you do via the status field, by creating an album you can assign it for everyone (by selecting "everyone") to see and not just limited to friends and fans.

Hope it helps.