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08-11-2009, 06:06 AM

Searching for a solution to carry my 15" Macbook Pro with me while in the field and would also like to use it as my transport to work and in travel.

Firstly: I have attempted to put it in my Gen1 E&E but it's just way too tight.
I have "cushioned" the laptop between soft items in my Marauder but want something exclusively for the laptop / accessories.

Secondly: I want something absurdly rugged, durable, and semi weatherproof just like Kifaru's excellent packs which have never let me down in the past.

Any plans for Kifaru to make a carry bag specifically for laptops? I would pre-order one knowing that it would far exceed any of the others out there :D

How do you carry yours using Kifaru / non-Kifaru?

I thank-you in advance and appreciate your input.

Teacher in CA
08-11-2009, 06:35 AM
I can carry an 15' MBP in the X-Ray in the laptop hardshell protector (Gecko brand) with cables and power wart loose in the bag No issues with it..

For an dedcated laptop bag.. have you looked at TT???

08-11-2009, 10:19 AM
I have an HP-marked neoprene sleeve that fits my Dell laptop. There are others on the market, as well (check REI & maybe CampMor). It fits snugly, provides a modest amount of padding & moisture protection (it is wet-suit material!), though by no means is waterproof.

The PC, in it's wetsuit, rides nicely in my Marauder, or any other pack in which it will fit.

If a soft case won't work for you, look at Pelican's hard laptop cases...but good luck getting them into a pack.


08-11-2009, 02:47 PM
Pelican has some new laptop cases that are a lot smaller than the older briefcase style...might work better.

I have a Timbuk2 laptop sleeve I've used with my Dell XPS 1210 in my Marauder and X-Ray...

08-11-2009, 03:22 PM

If you gotta get your tactical on, I've seen these around:

Tactical Tailor will do custom sizing if you're OK with the time (better turnaround than most custom shops) and nominal added expense.

I have soft cases by Victorinox (suspension mechanism with good surprisingly good shock absorbtion) and Timbuk2 (from back when they made bombproof sleeves for each flavor of Mac laptop; these seem no longer to be available).

Laptops seem to be one area where Kifaru is content to let the technology come to it; my first netboook will be Claymore/Radio Pocket compatible.

08-11-2009, 04:17 PM
While unavailable right now, Downrange Gear has a couple of options. I've purchased a few things from there and they are as tough as Kifaru. I will buy both of these whenever the redesign is finished.

Insert (http://downrangegear.com/Notebook___Netbook_Computer_Backpack_Insert.html)

Sleeve (http://downrangegear.com/Notebook___Netbook_Computer_Sleeve.html)