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07-28-2009, 11:27 AM
am looking to simplify the load out these days, any clue what the max weight the zulu is designed for ie how much weight the suspension is made to comfortably carry? I am debating on a do it all ruck for mil purposes to include 3 or 4 one day overnights in the winter per year. I carry an average of 40lbs on 3-5 mile day hikes with a few overnighters thrown in.


07-28-2009, 12:36 PM
Omni Suspension (Zulu) up to 40lbs, for loads 40-70lbs I would recommend the Wrap-Tech suspension (ZXR) 40-70lbs.

For your intended use I would say go for the ZXR.


07-28-2009, 09:49 PM
Iíve carried up to 60lbs in a G1 Zulu in relative comfort. The pack can handle it no problem. I used it on more hikes then I can count with that type of weight. If you get a good belt wrap and you cinch the belt really tight the G1 Zulu can handle 60lbs and I would imagine more. Of course I had an XTL and an E&E on the Zulu to hold all that gear. Like I said that was the G1 Zulu, and it had a shorter frame. The new Zulu has a longer 21Ē frame, and by virtue of that longer frame should be able to carry that 40lbs with no problems at all. The only problem I had with the G1 Zulu was the fact that when I really cranked down on the load lifters (which you shouldnít do anyway) the padded shoulder strap would shift to the outside after a couple of miles. Sometimes the load lifter would dig into my shoulder a bit. As we all know the load lifter that was incorporated into the G1 Zulu was designed more to stabilize the load than to ďlift the loadĒ. By that I mean it was essentially non-functional as a load lifter it just simply stabilized the load. I think the new G2 Zulu should be a lot better in this area. You should be able to get a modicum of shoulder lift with the longer stays (it should work for you even better if you are bit shorter than me). You wonít even feel 40lbs on your back sporting a G2 Zulu. Iíll be getting my G2 Zulu in about a month so Iím very excited.

If you want to hike in comfort get the ZXR. The difference in comfort is night and day. I own a ZXR and find it to be the most excellent pack Iíve ever owned or tried when it comes to heavy loads. I routinely carry 60 to 70lbs in the pack, and I just love the comfort and stability it offers. Itís more secure on my back than my G1 Zulu, when adjusted correctly it feels like itís a part of your body. Itís just an awesome pack.

If you donít ever intend to carry any more then 40lbs get the Zulu. If you think that you might be carrying more than that go ahead and get the ZXR. Itís always a good idea to go ahead and get the larger pack and be comforted in the knowledge that you wonít ďgrow out of itĒ.

That's a hard choice. They're both really awesome packs.