View Full Version : G2 woobie

07-24-2009, 12:19 AM
Mel/ Pat. Thank you for the recently received Woobie. I have already placed another order for a foliage EMR/XTL, 2 hybrid top zip, E&E, organizer, stash-it, GPS, some pullouts, dock and lock, and a few other little items. I have just finished waking up, in sweat, from using the woobie for the evenings blanket... I can not believe how warm this little guy is.. you have me sold. I will be using it next weekend in my Hennessy Hammock in the High Unitas, I will still have my bag with me, but am sure that this woobie will be great on its own. I did however note one difference from the website.... mine is a solid color front and back. Believe it to be foliage on both sides... do not mind it one bit at all, since if I need to blend, I ought to be in a ghillie suit any ways. Is this normal? All I have seen are the dual (front and back) colors.

If all goes well with everything at work and on the home front this next month, I should have on order by Aug 31st a 6man with net, liner, and med stove, and a doobie as well.

I know you guys are told this on a regular basis, but keep up the great work and outstanding service. I'm off to bed again but in a less warm blanket.


07-24-2009, 09:47 AM
I noticed the same thing when I got my G2 Woobie. Mine came all green though. Maybe I missed something when I added it to the shopping card. Dont mine the solid color though. I would have been happy in any color combo. You are right, the Woobie is very warm.