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07-22-2009, 07:24 PM
So I went on a day hike the other day, and while having a little break in the shade I decided to take a couple photos and share them with you guys. Not my normal gear shown here....just a couple of things I grabbed quickly while leaving the house before the phone rang again......

I have had the Zulu for about a month and a half now and am really impressed. Mostly fulled with ropes, harnesses, etc., it has handled very well on several day trips hiking up and down the mountains (hence the 1" climbing webbing running around the bag).

Originally I had put an organizer and a horizontal claymore on the front but found I didn't really like it because of the round shape of the bag.....I think an E&E would be much better because the D&L doesn't stress the seems that the molle clips do.

Also, if any of you are thinking about picking one of these up, consider getting the standard lid and the XTL. The XTL kind of packs weird if you do not have the bag loaded up all the way, and the lid pulls down off the stays even when cinched. If you had the standard lid it would compliment a smaller load much better (thinking about getting one of those when I order an E&E) which I noticed a lot of the members here have reccomended in other posts regarding the Zulu.

All in all, it is a very comfortable, tough, perfect 3 day bag simply because you can make it small if you aren't carrying too much in your 3rd line, but it can expand when you need it to, ie. in the winter when you need some extra clothing layers packed away.

Cheers guys, and please feel free to reccomend any other load-outs/set ups you have tried and liked/dislike.

P.S. there is paint on there; tan and green krylon just to break up the solid green a bit.

07-22-2009, 08:57 PM
Nice. I love the Zulu. It was my first Kifaru pack, and I just never got over how cool it was. I sort of outgrew it so I purchased a ZXR. I only recently got rid of my G1 Zulu so I could buy a G2. I sold it to a friend and he asked me "are you sure you want to get rid of it"; my immediate reply was "I'm just going to buy another one". The thing is tough as nails and believe me I threw everything I had at that pack. I loaded it down with 60lbs, sometimes more. The thing spent most of it's life loaded down, and it was used in a way that larger packs couldn't handle. It's a tank. I love the fact that it has no zippers and I'm glad they didn't change that for the G2 model (that would have ruined the pack). I think all the changes they made to the G2 Zulu are welcome changes. I really like the longer stays. In my estimation that was the only thing that held the Zulu back from being a really excellent pack. I will be ordering the G2 model soon, and I'm glad to see people are using theirs and enjoying it. I really can't wait to get it.

You should definitely get an E&E. I would suggest the G1 model if you can find it. I actually like the G1 model batter. I think the full panel access is not necessary. I think it's just more zipper to clog, jam or fail in some other manner (although it is a YKK No. 10 I think the sun not coming up tomorrow morning is more likely than that zipper failing). I have a foliage green E&E that I run essentially stock. I also just recently ordered a Multicam one to load down with some stuff. I would definitely think about getting an E&E. You might find yourself using it more than your Zulu. The things are handy. I sported mine on the back of my Zulu for a long time. They ride very secure when Docked & Locked properly. It's cool to have something that detaches from your pack with all your survival essentials in it.

07-22-2009, 09:37 PM
Very nice. I agree on the two lid thing for the Zulu, it's like having two packs in one. If you worry about the malice clips, Maxpedition makes their own version that is made of thick nylon webbing in place of hard plastic. You can use them without a tool. Also, work way better on waist belts, as they are relatively soft and don't interfere with the wrap. I'll bump my G2 Zulu pics up, it's foliage.

07-24-2009, 10:37 AM
Ya steveb I saw your photos and realized you have like the same setup that I originally had minus the claymore. I like the pack clean (sans pouches) because you end up usuing the slot pockets more often...however I do have a couple 2 quarts just in case I need to carry some extra SAW boxes or mags or whatever for quick access.
I too like the G1 E&E, and think that unless you are really wanting to put the skini minis on, the extra molle isn't really neccessary.

I'll keep this updated as to any changes/mods that I make and how they work out.

If anyone is curious, the 1" tubular nylon threaded through the molle all around the pack works extremely well for two reasons:

One, it has nothing sewn to tear if you are hauling it with tons of weight;
and Two, when you are grabbing/picking up the bag by the grab loop, it doesn't pull straight up.
It kind of pulls at an angle whereas the tubular nylon pulls straight up and down. Just feels very secure ie. if you are at a camp/biv site and hang your ruck up you don't stress the sewn section.
I know the Kifaru probably won't ever tear and they have the slickest warranty around; however, it is a bit more durable. Plus you have an improvised harness or anchor material should you need it.