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06-11-2009, 07:45 PM
I'm looking to buy a new pack for EDC needs. I was planning on an Xray, but after looking for info on the forums, it seems most people opt to get something else. I understand it's based in part on need, but....

I have a ZXR for any overnight needs. I use a RAID pack for any airplane travel. (I'd like to get a Kifaru for that role, but finances....). So, I'd like a EDC bag that might pull some day hike duties.

Again, based on everyone opting for something else, what is the argument FOR an Xray?

I'd love to hear from some Xray fans here. If the fanbase is very small, why?



06-11-2009, 10:04 PM
I'm guessing the xray is probably the best selling pack for Kifaru, save the E&E or maybe the Scout -- it's main purpose is to get you to buy a bigger Kifaru pack so most of these guys probably have one already. I use the Xray everyday to the point that I now have two, a coyote brown one for rough and dirty and a black one for the... more formal occasions.

I offer the following given that I have the organizer up front, gps pouch on the shoulder harness, liberally use chamber/internal pockets, always carry a small pod for emergency, and use 2 Eagle 1Quart Canteen pockets on the side.

-Excellent form factor: perfect size to be able to stow anywhere, blend in a lot better thus it is always with you. Compresses very very well.
-Dual access: great for tight spaces meaning you can go from the top when in coach or reaching under the conference table yet easily get to the bottom easily by using the panel front access
-Molle: external and internal molle allows for maximum flexibility. I have even added a molle panel from Tad Gear to add molle to the back. Usually have the #10 where the chamber pocket usually is and have 3 lock and loads on the inside front panel mounted vertically.
-Organization: look at the pocket layout and add an organizer and it should be self explanatory. I actually put a POK kit bag between the bag and the organizer to add more... well, organization.

-If you need more space than 1800 cubes everyday, get something bigger.
-Short stays have advantages but does not give you shoulder lift for the longer, heavier carry
-Some may say it is too heavy/overbuilt for EDC but not me, I love that thick sturdy construction.

As a comparison, I used the Xray easily 10X more than my E&E, Scout, Mystery Ranch 3-Day, ATS Cobra, Endom TNT, Armordilla v2, Eagle E&E LE, Marauder, -- so that I've since sold/selling some of these.

I'm sure others will have more to say...

06-11-2009, 11:24 PM
Depends, as always, on your EDC needs. For going to work every day I ususally use my E&E; if I need to carry more stuff, or I'm away on business up to two nights, I'll borrow my wife's XRay - loadout in those circumstances would be something like last week:
Laptop (power supply and leads in a pull-out)
Lever arch file (full)
Formal shirts,2, in a pull-out
Casual shirts,2, ditto
Skivvy sets,2, ditto
Sneakers, ditto

Plus an Organizer Pouch externally on the panel and a small pod for 'in case'. Sometimes a Liter Plus pouch to carry my flask (http://www.lansdaleltd.com/prod.php/prod/9530) for a cheap drink while travelling.

Agree entirely with all Pardner's pros and cons. It weighs nearly as much as my Zulu but the volume is less flexible - although accessibility is much better.

06-12-2009, 10:53 AM
A smile comes to my face when I picture Brotzie all "business'd up" waiting in line at airport security with Liefie's purple X-Ray. No disrespect intended here, brother. Just admiration of the intestinal fortitude it took to get that project done. ;)

Doru - I was actually under the impression that the X-Rays sell quite well. I have no 'data' to support that assumption other than the continuous positive feedback I read/hear about them. I've had my G1 X-Ray since the time they first started coming off the production line. I've been using mine every day for work and sometimes on the weekend. Previously I used a Mountain Tools pack. It was just a bag with a tombstone style zipper. All of my EDC stuff ended up at the bottom all jumbled up: keys, wallet, papers, pens, lights, gym clothes, lunch etc...I was constantly digging through the bottom of the bag trying to find small items. The biggest feature for me about the X-Ray is ORGANIZATION. Everything has it's place and I know where everything is. It's all about efficiency for me. Since I'm usually lightly loaded, I've elected to take the stays out. In EDC mode, it rides high on my back sans stays and belt. As for the weight of the base pack, I don't notice it at all. I've since added an Organizer and a TT 75 Universal Hardcase for my sunglasses. I use this pack so much that the 1" shoulder strap webbing that slides back and forth through the tension lock buckle is a little fuzzy. Other than that, the pack still looks fairly new. If I ever wear this one out, I'll get another one. I'm just so used to where all the compartments are and how to best use them. I wouldn't want to take the time to re-learn all that with another pack.

06-12-2009, 11:31 AM
Just curious, is the aray piggyback compatable?

06-12-2009, 04:43 PM
Thanks to everyone so far.

What you wrote helps. It looks like a great pack, and I think it will fit my needs.


06-12-2009, 04:56 PM
It is piggyback compatible. Seems the chart has vanished from the website. To piggyback two packs both need waist belts and the little triangular plastic attachment point, 1/2 to 3/4 up the pack.

I like the style of the bag, top opening and panel opening. I just wish it was a bit larger in cubic inches.

Mine is sitting in the closet, I switched over to the Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Pack, because the main bag was bigger. This has got me to thinking on how I can switch back and still carry everything.


06-12-2009, 05:07 PM
I'm guessing the xray is probably the best selling pack for Kifaru, save the E&E or maybe the Scout -- it's main purpose is to get you to buy a bigger Kifaru pack

I always thought this was some sort of joke I didn't get... then I actually got an X-Ray and all I can think of these days is how nice it is in those occasions when I have lift on the shoulder straps... and now I want a Mollex almost purely for those four-inch longer stays, even more so now that the Mollex is almost identical to the X-Ray in terms of organization.

06-12-2009, 09:18 PM
...then I actually got an X-Ray... and now I want a Mollex almost purely for those four-inch longer stays, even more so now that the Mollex is almost identical to the X-Ray in terms of organization.

My findings exactly - my Xray made me want a slightly larger bag and it will be replaced with a molle express.

Regarding organization and the xray - I think it definitely whoops the express in this regard. Not only with the front & top loading, but there is molle on the inside of the bag where the front zips open - thus making it very customizable. The express has no internal org save for adding chamber pockets and the zip compartment under the lid... For me I dont need the added org of the xray - the OP might.

If you are just looking for a simple EDC bag, why not consider the E&E with Xray shoulder straps? I use this bag 90% of the time for EDC (except whn I need to lug my laptop) and day hikes - it rocks and you save yourself some $. You can also very easily dock and lock it to your ZXR for added capacity and I think to your RAID as well... Also, you have a RAID which is pretty similar in size to the Xray already.

It seems like the E&E would fill a gap in your gear and add modularity to your ZXR.

Just my thoughts.

06-13-2009, 11:23 AM
Hey guys, I thought I would jump in here with some comments and answer some questions. The Xray is one our best selling packs, and it was NOT designed to lure you into buying another pack. Drew, if you archive back on our message board for every Xray thread/post since it's inception, you will see that most people don't opt for something else when it comes to an EDC pack. I will say that the term EDC (every day carry) has become very generic, just like "3-day packs" and "assault packs". EDC is interpretated on an individual basis depending on that person's needs and requirements. One person's EDC needs may be handled by a Malice Claymore bag with a shoulder sling, whereas another person may need a Marauder/Express/Zulu to carry their EDC essentials. The reason for the Xray's popularity is that it fits right in that middle ground to fulfill most folk's EDC requirements with it's size and features. Another confusing term would be "day hikes", which again has different meanings for different folks. It all depends on the amount of equipment you typically take on your day hikes, which can be dictated by weather conditions and/or what you will be doing on your hike (shooting, photography, climbing, etc.). This may sound kind of confusing to those of you that don't have a lot pack experience, but it is not really. Just figure out exactly what you will be using the pack for, and how much gear you want to carry, and it should be easy to make the right choice.

I would like to comment here on shoulder lift. I've seen where some folks worry a little more than needed about the shoulder lift issue. Shoulder lift really is all relative to the amount of weight you are carrying. I think shoulder lift becomes useful at about the 30lb range, but below that you will do just fine without shoulder lift. Guys can carry 50 to 60lbs all day in a Gen 1 Zulu without undue comfort because of no shoulder lift. It is all dependent on how you adjust the suspension. For a perfect example of this, go to the www.militarymorons.com (http://www.militarymorons.com) site, and scroll down the left sidebar until you come to Kifaru Packs. Click onto the Marauder page, then scroll down to the pic showing the Marauder with a 1000rd case of .223 ammo plus a sleeping bag, where militarymoron has unclicked the shoulder straps, and tossed them back over his shoulder. Notice how the pack stays upright against his back? Our waistbelts and Delta straps are designed to carry ALL the weight on the illiac crest when needed. You DO NOT have to have the shoulder straps tight, and the pack snugged right up against your back for a comfortable carry. It's true that if you load up your Xray with pockets and Pods with lotsa weight, you would benefit from longer stays for shoulder lift, but when using your Xray as an EDC pack loaded under 30lbs, you really don't need that shoulder lift if you have the suspension adjusted properly, trust me. Hope some of these comments have helped.


06-16-2009, 06:33 AM
Heh, I was just about to post that if the design goal was to trick people into buying more packs then Kifaru has failed. :) I don't know, maybe it's an amount of disposable income-thing, maybe some people just like to collect backpacks, but I can't think of giving up my X-Ray for just a slightly larger pack. Does not make sense to me. Now, getting a significantly larger pack for longer trips, that I can imagine. Getting a double Woobie, that is on the top of my Kifaru list. Getting an 8-man tiipii and a large stove, would have already done it if I only had the cash. :) (So in a way, all Kifaru gear does have that design element that it makes you want more... :) ) But when it comes for an EDC-pack, I bought the X-Ray because I intend to use it for a long, long time. I can't really think of getting a smaller backpack, either - the X-Ray compresses rather well, if I wanted an even smaller pack I would more likely use a shoulder bag of some sort.

To me, the X-Ray is just right for daily use.