View Full Version : Scout arrival

09-04-2003, 04:00 PM
While I had to spend all day in Chicago walking back and forth across the loop, I come home to a package from Colorado on the step.

The Scout has finally come. After seeing how the Scout was setup with 2 back pouches and a claymore I had to get mine that way, plus a liter plus pouch. Everything fits on there, slightly crowded, but not to much of a problem.

With all these pouches it will hold 4050ci(1300+1050+1050+650) and a nalgene bottle, put simply, I need more gear for all this space. To test how much it would load up I grabbed the hamper and loaded it all up in there and still had to pretty much empty the sock drawer.

Everything is of a quality that I have never had before. I cannot see how a pack could be better made. It rides well, adjusts in ways I never even knew a pack could be adjusted.

My only problem with the package is that I didn't get any MALICE clips for the Liter Plus pouch. There some shipping delays, but that was not really a concern (they shipped it 2 day to make it up).

Now that I have almost turned a Scout into an Navigator/MMR (4050ci vs 4000/4050ci) I can start planning bigger, more back breaking pack/pouch combos (you need to start small...)