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Cpl Punishment
05-30-2009, 09:12 AM
OK, I've been looking at various new sleeping bags from Wiggy's to Western Mountaineering down bags.

I generally sleep in temps ranging from 0F to 60F.
Looking at the chart on the Kifaru website, a 40 Base bag and 40 MOB would yield a temp rating of -5 used together. But a 40 base bag and 20 MOB would yield -25.

How close to the temp ratings are these bags (for reference, I've slept in just the MSS black bag -- 30 deg rated -- from 20 deg to 50 deg, and was warmish to hot at the respective extremes)? Oh, I also use a Thermarest Ridgerest pad.

In other words, could I go with the 40 overbag and 20 MOB for versatility (use just the MOB at ~20 deg, just the Base ~40 deg, and combine from there for colder temps, without burning up 0 deg if both bags were used?

How much of an advantage is the modular setup really? I'm not in the military, and both 20F and 40F Kifaru bags (slick bags) together, weight about the same as most single 20F synthetic bags, so i don't see a weight problem hoofing 3 lb 6 oz around. Seems for me there'd be no downside, and I'd save a LOT of money over the modular versions.

Finally, will a 40F or 20F alone fit in a medium pod?
Will a 40F and 20F together fit a medium pod, or will a large be required?

05-30-2009, 09:39 AM
I don't know about pods as I've never used one but my Kifaru 20* bag sleeps as warm or warmer than all the 0* bags I've used in the past civilian or military. There have been times when a 0* bag of the past would have been comfortable the my K bag was warm enough to where I unzipped it and used a poncho liner as needed for temp control. There is alot of loft in K bags considering the size they pack down to.

05-31-2009, 03:18 AM
Kifaru's temp ratings tend to be conservative.

The combinations you're asking about should fit comfortably in a Medium Pod; I have a 40/20 combo and that gets pretty small. The Pods offer good protection, I prefer to keep the sleeping gear protected in the main pack.

The modular approach works; the upper section becomes a decent insulated vest (achieving even more space/weight savings because you aren't packing a dedicated garment). The sleeves are on the list but the G2 packs pushed those to the right...

Far as the weight difference between a full slick or half a modular, I prefer the flexibility to pack a few more pounds of food, water, fuel or ammo.

05-31-2009, 10:46 AM
Hey guys, in regards to what sleeping bag or bag combinations will fit in what Pod, will depend on if you're using a stuffsack for the sleeping bags, and what type of stuffsack. Our Regulator Stuffsacks are lighter than any other stuffsacks on the market, and the design sets it apart from any other current offering. Our stuffsacks can be used for many other items than just sleeping bags. Check them out here if you have not seen them yet:


I just realized that these are kinda hidden on the website, and will ask Maggie to put them up on the Accessory drop down menu.