View Full Version : Just a feeler: Armor plates w/ carrier

04-02-2009, 01:47 PM
I'm currently upgrading my armor. I have brand new IIIA panels comming from Paraclette and a new Eagle carrier with plate pockets. I'm going to upgrading my hard plates to ceramic level IV's in the larger 10"X13" or 11"X14" size. If I do upgrade the plates I'll have a set of steel level III stand alone plates doing nothing. Here's the info on the plates and carrier. The original receipt would be included with the sale.

Plates: Steel rifle plates level III stand-alone 10"X12" (front's ie both are operator cut) Bought from bulletproofme.com on 9/03/2008. Original price $240. ($110 per plate and $20 shipping)

Carrier: Diamond Back Tactical Low Vis Plate Carrier, coyote brown (looks tan to me) Bought on 9/02/2008 Original price $84.45 ($72.95 plus $11.50 shipping)

I've never taken the armor out of my house. It's just been sitting here next to my AK and BOB since I bought it in September. This is a good basic set up for someone on a budget. It can be worn stand alone or you can use it to up armor a level II or IIIA soft armor vest by simply throwing the plates in thier own seperate carrier over top. I have $325.00 in it and would be looking to sell for $275 and I'd pay half the shipping.

Does that sound like a fair deal and would there be much interest? If I don't sell them to help finance the more expensive ceramic plates, I'll probably just keep them and pick up a police surplus IIIA vest later on just to have an extra set for me or for a hand out.