View Full Version : For Sale - Preowned Rolex Sea Dweller

03-08-2009, 12:04 PM
I'm selling a Rolex Sea Dweller for $3,850.00 (including insured shipping within the US). This is a great price on a great watch (check out the going prices for used Sea Dwellers on the Internet, and you'll see this is a real deal).

I'm the original owner. I bought the watch new from an official, authorized Rolex Dealer in 2004. I've been wearing the watch up until a few weeks ago, when I bought a different model new Rolex (just a matter of changing tastes). I'm selling the Sea Dweller simply because I don't need both watches. The Sea Dweller runs well, and I have all the original stuff that came with it, with the exception of the box (I can't seem to locate what I did with it). That includes the green leather Rolex wallet with the dive tables card, the serial numbered guarantee certificate (matches the serial number on the watch), the booklets, the bracelet dive extensions, and the little tool for adjusting the bracelet. The crystal, face and bezel are in like-new condition. The bracelet has some minor scuffs and scratches from being worn, but these could be buffed by a jeweler (if you'd even notice them).

I had intended to list the Sea Dweller on EBay or Amazon (for $4,000.00), until I saw the number of fake Rolexes being peddled as "genuine" on those sites, and I decided not to get mixed up in that arena. If you don't know how to spot a fake from the real thing, there are several informative sites on the Internet if you Google "Fake Rolex." I've sold a number of items on this message board, and you'll find I have an excellent reputation for honesty and the accuracy of my postings.

I'm going to "try" to post some photos of the Sea Dweller, but I'm not a great photographer and I don't have a professional quality camera. The pictures should be good enough to let you see that it's a real Rolex, and to see what a Sea Dweller looks like (if you don't know). The watch is all stainless steel with black face and bezel. The tinges of goldishness in some of the photos are simply the result of the lighting, and there are no discolorations on the watch.

I'm going to leave the watch posted here for a little while to see if there's any interest. If not, I'll just put it on consignment with the local Rolex Dealer.