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08-02-2003, 07:21 PM

I have got a few questions for the guys at Kifaru before I make a finial decesion as to which of your great products I buy.

The first series of questions is about the Navigator.

When you Piggy back a Scout to the Navigator is it difficult to access the inside of the Navigator without remvoing the Scout?

From the pictures I would think that only items at the top of the Navigator would be easily accessed, but the top piggy back straps concern me, as they appear to also prevent easy entry. Also if you could comment on this with the view that my intent to to have the Navigator fitted out with the pull outs.

Next. I am in a foot mounted recon unit. One of the key points to the way we operate is having a pack with a 'grab bag'. A small pack which is easily accessable, and quick to remove from the main pack if needed. I see a Scout piggy backed to a Navigator as a great option. I just want to check that the only buckeles which attach the two backs are four fastex type clips. Is this correct? and do you see you biggy back system doing the job that I have just descibed? Can you comment on the sutablinity of the vertical and horizonatl lash straps to do the same job, and still have access to the contence of the Navigator.

The next couple of questions are about the EMR/MMR

When piggy backing a Marauder to a EMR/MMR is the contence of the Marauder accessable with out undoing any clips?

If a radio pouvh is fitted to the MMR/EMR can entry be gained to the radio via the side entry?

Next couple are just genral questions.

Is it worth putting a radio pouch in a Scout, or is the size of the pack about right for a radio any way?

Is their enough space inside a Maurouder to organise equioment with two sets of pullouts?

Is two sets of pull outs enough to organise the inside of a Navigator?

The next question I would like to through open to all. I have never used a pannel opening pack before, but I like the idea of being able to organise all of my gear inside the pack in seperate pockets. I have experinced with top loading packs with large pockets on the lid the disadvantaage of a having to fight a heavy lid every time you want to get into the back. It can become comberson, and a real pain. My concern is that with a pannel oading pak, with pouches both on the inside, and the outside (esp piggy backing a scout) that opening a Navigator or Maurauder could be an even worse experience, and more of a pain. If this is true then I would then lead towards buying a top loading pack. Could some one please comment.

Thats about all the questions that I have a at the moment. I have been checking out your web site for the past little while, and reading all of the coments being made. I am immpresed to say the least.



08-04-2003, 11:05 PM
G'day to you Mick. Let me try and answer your questions.

It shouldn't be too difficult to access the inside of the Navigator without removing the piggybacked Scout. You can click off one or both of the upper attachment straps of the Scout and have pretty good access inside the panel. You could also click off the upper and lower attachment points on one side, and roll the Scout out. Pull Outs can be easily accessed after opening the panel.

The Scout is piggybacked with 4 SR buckles. At the top are two 1" buckles, and at the bottom are two 2" buckles. These are all part of the Piggyback Adaptor Kit. You do not need any vertical and/or horizontal lash kits.

When a Marauder is piggybacked to an EMR/MMR, you can access the Marauder without undoing any buckles.

You can reach the radio through the side zip access on the EMR/MMR.

I wouldn't recommend putting a radio pouch in a Scout.

I believe there is enough space in a Marauder to be able to use two sets of Pull Outs.

On the panel loader versus top loader issue, my personal preference is the top loader. You brought up some good points to consider when mounting pouches/pockets to your pack. We designed the EMR/MMR with a flat top lid that has PALS webbing on it. This way you can keep a lower profile by not mounting pouches on it, and in your case, not have to wrestle with a heavy lid. There is ample PALS webbing around the pack for all the pouches you may need. But, if you want to mount pouches to the top lid, you have the PALS to do it. Hope this helps a little, and I would also like to hear more opinions on panel loaders versus top loaders. How about it guys?

Mick, if you e-mail me a contact number for down under, I'll give you a call and we can talk about the packs in more detail. My e-mail addy is superterk@juno.com. Hope to talk to you soon.