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Pocket Lint
07-08-2006, 05:45 PM
Hey Kifaru, I'm a new member here, and a prospective buyer of your fine products. I'll keep it short and to the point.

I've applied to the Canadian Forces, and was wondering out of these two packs, which would be more suitable. Marauder, or Pointman.

I'm leaning more towards the Pointman, and have already en-visioned my setup! Here it is:

Pointman in Multi-Cam
E&E in Multi-Cam
2 long pouches in Multi-Cam

Your help would be greatly appreciated /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

07-09-2006, 07:21 AM
Hold your horses; don't buy anything yet! Never served in the Canadian Forces, but I'm sure that when you arrive at your Basic Training unit, the Canadian Gov't will issue you a pile uniforms and equipment, and you will use that, and ONLY that, while in training. Probably won't even allow you to carry a pocket knife, let alone a non-standard pack!
After training, when you report to your duty unit, you might find a more receptive chain-of-command attitude, and after some experience you will have a much better idea of what gear will work for you.
Good luck and thank you for your service. Canada is a great ally.

Pocket Lint
07-09-2006, 10:51 AM
Well, I hope Kifaru is still going to be around making packs when I'm done Basic. I'm patient, but when it comes to something I really want ...

Hey Kifaru, will you still sell me a Pointman, or MMR in MC when i'm finished training, and headed over-seas?

07-09-2006, 11:55 AM
How old are you??

Pocket Lint
07-09-2006, 12:16 PM
Old enough /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif ...

Why may I ask?

07-09-2006, 03:10 PM
It's not on to dodge one question and expect another to be answered-

07-09-2006, 09:29 PM
How about looking at getting through basic and getting a few years under the belt, chances are very good you would not be allowed to used a commercial pack unless previously approved.

That being said, Anthracitic asked a legitimate question.

07-10-2006, 03:38 AM
I have a Marauder, Pointman, and a CF small pack system (don't ask).

I think your money is best spent on a Pointman, since the small pack system is similar in size/load carrying capacity to a Marauder.

07-10-2006, 10:19 AM
P L, Some of the "advice" you've received here is well-taken.

If you're considering personal purchase of some mission-enhancing equipment as an entry-level guy in the military, Multicam may not be the way to go. I have a small but growing collection of multicam gear that I NEVER use on duty. And that's after 20 years of service. Now I'm a lowly senior NCO, but I've get away with more than a little over the years. But running around with Multicam gear is a bit much even for me. There are a couple of US soldiers on this board who use Multicam extensively on duty, (Scott Cunningham, Dan, etc.) but I'm sure those guys have seniority and more importantly a LOT of hard-earned professional credibility. Consider limiting your choices to OD Green or Coyote, depending on the probability of service in the Middle East. Before Kifaru started selling ACU gear, I bought Coyote because it complemented the Woodland Camo and the 3-color Desert patterns.

Whatever it is you wind up doing in the Canadian military, a good assault-type pack--like a Marauder--will serve you well. You can keep your issued gear packed, ready and (most importantly) compliant with your unit's SOPs. The Pointman is a lot of pack, and will get you a lot of attention--not a good thing for a guy starting out in the military. You can use a Marauder in garrison for carrying your day-to day incidentals and then configure it to your needs for short-duration tactical ops. Lots of GIs on this board use the Marauder as their primary pack. It's bigger than the MOLLE Assault Pack, more expandible than the Eagle, Blackhawk or LBT packs that the US Army finally realized troops needed for duty-day essentials, and far more durable than any Camelback or Bug Out bag.

In sum, consider a Marauder in a solid color for now. OD is probably safest. When you get to your first duty assignment, look around, learn the culture, and tally some cool points. Who knows, you may find yourself in a unit where the guys pooled their beer&stripper money for a unit purchase of Multicam EMRs.

As if.

07-10-2006, 01:32 PM
Since camo varies with the area, it is probably a good bet to get the main (expensive) pack in solid color, then get pockets in the camo of choice. Fully pocketed, it's hard to see the base anyhow and that way you also get a nice civvie-looking pack for private use.

Pocket Lint
07-10-2006, 04:40 PM
thanks straps for the feedback!
good point Ralph,

I've put some thought into the well-taken advice here.

I will probably go with a cyote tan Marauder, with MC pouches, and E&E.

************ Edit **************
The two things I like about the Pointman that the Marauder does not share is: The Pointman can carry more, and it has an upgraded back support that looks superior then the Marauder.

I'm lookin for a pack I can take camping, backpacking, mountain hiking, canoe trips etc... not JUST for the military /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

The idea I'm getting is, get something lighter, less expensive, and when I gain more knowledge, buy a larger, more expensive setup.