View Full Version : Stay bending questions ( maybe best answered by Mel/Patrick?)

07-08-2006, 01:36 AM
Hey guys, I suspect this question may be best answered by Mel or Patrick, but would be happy to hear from any of you other guys with experience as well.

Last night I helped a friend of mine in trying to improve the fit of his MMR for his body geometry.
As part of this effort we did some stay bending.

The packboard seems to hold it's shape very well when the stays are removed, so when you re-install the stays, it seems likely that the stays will conform to the shape of the pack board as much as vice versa.

So to get a real change in stay contour, do you need to re-contour the board as well, and if so, how?

Do you just bend it over the edge of a bench like you do with the stays?

Is it possible for an end user to shape/bend the stays and board as a single unit (ie without removing the stays)?

Or maybe you just need to bend the stays more than the actual contour you want, so that between the original shape of the board and the new shape of the stays you get the contour you actually want by a sortr of "avergaing" of sorts between differences in the two.

07-09-2006, 07:47 AM
Fireball, that would be a negative on having to bend the frame sheet. It doesn't matter what shape the frame sheet still seems to have after removing the stays. When you re-insert the stays, the frame sheet will conform to the shape of the stays, whatever the bend may be. You definately want to remove the stays from the frame sheet before doing any bending.