View Full Version : A place to hide my Jetboil toys.

05-10-2006, 01:05 AM
As I mentioned recently, I picked up the 1.5L pot portion of the new Jetboil GCS (Group Cook System) to go with my PCS (Personal Cook System) and the pot support and stabilizer I already own. I realized that with the GCS pot on its side and the PCS standing up they're pretty much similar dimensions... aka make one cylinder 8" tall by 4" wide and another 4"tall by 8" inches wide.... I at the time was contemplating a carrier that would fit both cook systems together, as the stove, canister, pot support and stove stabilizer all easily nest in either pot. I realized that the Supply Captain/AITES Claymore/Ordnance/Medical/GP pouch would probably fit the bill. I got one from Melinda and it's been sitting around for a few weeks, yesterday I was looking at it and said "Hmmm, never did try getting both Jetboil's in there..." So I tried it and they fit fine, one next to the other with plenty of room to spare. I really like this setup, you could easily carry both pots and one or two stoves along with some other cooking junk and even a little food, all in one convient pouch on a ruck or day pack. The pouch should mount nicely on the marauder I'm waiting on... I think that this setup, with a few Nalgene pouches and some GP space for food will allow for some really decadent field eating. I'll try to get some pix later.

05-10-2006, 02:03 AM
Definitely want to see some pics. I love my Jetboil but haven't gotten the bigger pot/cup yet...