View Full Version : SAS Condolence book stolen.

04-30-2006, 08:48 AM
Hi gents, this was recently posted on another forum I frequent, as a fair few of you are collectors of militaria I figure there's a fair chance it may be offered for sale to you or someone you know.

I would hate to be the lowlife responsible when the other 'parties' catch up with them


Some months ago someone entered the church of St Martin in Hereford (UK) and removed the SAS regiments book of condolence.


This book is very precious, the Regiment, the church and the families and friends of those buried in the church want it back.

We would appreciate being notified should anyone hear about this book being offered for sale. Together we need to make it impossible for the person responsible for this despicable act to benefit from their deed.

We can arrange for the book to be returned without questions being asked although the police and other ‘parties’ are actively engaged in the recovery of this irreplaceable book.

If the person responsible for removing the book is reading this I would ask you to please search your conscience, this is a trinket to you. It is much more than that to the families and friends of those on extended patrol.

If anyone has any information regarding the book please contact me at: hktrooper@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you"