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04-12-2006, 10:50 PM
I've always been anal about organizing my packs. I like to know exactly where everything is, even in the main compartment, no matter how many times the pack's been dropped, rummaged through, etc. I've always used stuff sacks and ziplock bags to organize. Pull-outs are all right, but not very accessible inside a top-load pack like the Zulu. So here's an idea:

Have Lock'n Loads that are as long as interior of the packs but only half as wide, 1/4 wide, etc similar to the No. 5 only turned sideways with the zipper at the top. They could either be attached to the mount points or stand alone. This would allow you section off the interior of a bag, but still be able to access everything without having to pull it out of the bag.

The other idea is to have sections that mount across the bag's mount points to divide it into seperate compartments, even diagonally. Make sense?

Mainly I just want an excuse to buy more Kifaru stuff, but it is something I already do when I pack. I'd just rather buy Kifaru stuff sacks than REI. /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

04-12-2006, 10:54 PM
A better example: like a Claymore or Long Pocket designed to be used inside the pack mounted or stand-alone instead of outside, and ligther built to conserve weight. They could even be made out of the ParaTipi material to add some waterproofness.

04-12-2006, 11:56 PM
Hey CavScout, you could always use an XL Chamber hung from the common loops that are used for the standard Chamber Pocket that comes with each pack. This is a flat dimension pocket that is 10" across and 15" deep. Inside, on the opposite side of the pack, there are common loops on all of our packs I believe, except the MMR/EMR. Here you can hang another XL Chamber, or a #4 Lock n Load, which has the same dimensions, but is mesh on one side. Now you will have 2 separate pockets to store items, and have good access with the wide top zipper openings. If you try going narrower on the pockets, and longer, the access will be more difficult due to the smaller opening, and the length will make it hard to get at things down in the bottom. Our FoldOut works well in a top loader for organizing your gear in different pockets, and then being able to pull it out in one motion, and have instant access to these pockets all at once. Also, don't forget our Boot Bag, which can be hung on the common loops, or stand alone, with it's drawstring top closure. It probably would be very difficult to be able to have access to everything in your pack without having to pull something out of the bag to make room. I would much rather just quickly pull a #5 out of the pack, open the long zip, and be able to see and get at stuff very easily, than trying to access through a narrow top zipper opening, and then rummage around trying to find stuff by feel in the bottom of the pocket. The nice thing about a top loader, is being able to just stuff things back inside quickly when needed. I just thought I'd give you some ideas that you could use for now. Don't think the ideas you brought up here have fallen on deaf ears. We welcome all new ideas and suggestions, and make it a point to put them all on file for possible future consideration. Thank you for your input.


04-13-2006, 02:01 AM
And I thought I was the only person on this plannet who was "anal" about being able to know exactly where every single item in my pack was.
For years I have worked on a 5 second/ 10 second rule. That is from a loaded position I can drop my pack and access any single item within 5 seconds (thats means anything from a spare pair of socks to new batteries or my complete sleeping kit) and anything I use must be able to be fully refurbished/packed within 10 seconds with my pack back on my back.

To achieve this one must be organised, something that seems to be a quality amongst most people on this forum.

I have for the last 30+ years or so been only just able to achieve my own objectives using Military Issue (Australian) and it has not been easy.

Hence my desire to reorganize myself for the remainder of my walking years (hopefully another 10-20) with some of these wonderful Kifaru products. (My order is comming just trying to raise the cash).

My only concern with creating more bags/pockets etc in the main compartment is weight & time. For the last 10 years I have mastered my current pack (Aust Pack Large) using a stuff sack in the bottom to keep all my spare clothing and extra warm gear all in one place (and dry) next my sleeping bag goes inside a gortex bivy and then gets stuffed in the main compartment. Any hydration bladders (I usually travel with a minimum of 3 x 2 litres internally), are nicely padded out by the sleeping bag. If I have to carry extra rations other than what I need during the day or other equipment then the sleeping bag (compressible as it has not yet been compressed yet) keeps everything tight and in place. And all the dry gear stays dry.

All other gear is in pockets/external etc readily accessible. (First aid, Wet Weather Gear, repair/pioneer stores, munchies for the day etc)

I am really falling in love with the ZXR as with a few pockets it will meet all my expectations in ataining my requirements.

Obviously we all have some different requirements
but in the field I always want everything yesterday. I allow no more than 30 seconds to have my pack fully packed after I put my boots on (if I even take them off) from a "sleeping start"
I have found the more individual bags and things I have to use the longer it takes. I agree with Mel this is the advantage of a top loader, if it all turns to #### then if you have a couple of seconds then just shove it all in and goooo!

I am always keen to learn what things many of you are carrying in your packs (other than the regular military stuff) I am constantly critisised for carrying too much. Perhaps I should create a post asking for load lists for various tasks/durations etc?

We would all be familiar with KISS say no more!

Thommo from Oz

04-13-2006, 08:21 AM
Thommo -

The load list post sounds like a good idea. The "stuff and go" idea is actually why I sold my Marauder (tear...) to buy a Zulu.

04-13-2006, 09:10 AM
perhaps an paraglider fabric ultralight and 420dn version of long pockets and back pouches without all the D&L stuff... just 6 sides and a zipper... maybe a webbing loop or L&L hangers... could do a few thickness and widths... would be pretty usefull, just write on top (or sew on some velcro and a patch) what's inside and you're GTG.