View Full Version : Piggy back idea

04-07-2006, 05:08 PM
While loading all my gear for an upcoming 18 day FTX I realized that I needed more space. I am sending my MMR with 2 longs on the sides, 1 long on the bottom, 2 2 quarts below the side mounted longs, and a horizontal claymore on the outside of the sleeping bag compartment thru as luggage. I will use my Marauder as a carry on as well. Being that I had nothing on the upper center portion of the MMR I thought about strapping it onto the back of the MMR. With the piggy back system from Kifaru you really need to use the waist belt, which I'm not.

I found that by just using the 4 compression straps on the sides of the Marauder and dock and lock female ends on the MMR that the Marauder fits perfect, sitting on top of the fully stuffed claymore. It cinches down solidly and is even easier to remove or attatch than with the piggy back system.

This set up will work great, allowing me to not have to carry 2 seperate bags thru the airport, to the USO, and on to the field. It's too damned heavy to actually hump but will work for the short term.