View Full Version : Omni yoke ???'s

03-17-2006, 02:53 PM
Has anyone used this alone or with a cargo chair yet? I was wondering what kinda weights are possible. I am not looking at it for a miltary type use but as a hunting tool that I could use to haul duck/goose decoys as well as some water and carry whatever I shoot home.

I use light weight shell decoys and walk a couple of swampy miles to where I hunt and maytimes don't need anything more than a day pack for that load. The problem is if I am very successful I have needed to pack out 50+lbs of dead birds and gear(last year I got a swan, six ducks and 3 geese on one outing). I basically destroyed a cheap daypack with the above load..on my scale at home it was 52lbs. Does anyone have experience with the onmi yoke yet ot is it too new???(maybe some one has experience with a maxed out Zulu or marauder and what weights were comfortable since it is the same suspension)

Thinking out loud,