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05-26-2003, 10:18 AM
I received the MMR and Marauder with side pouches, the back pouch and a whole assortment of goodies. Managed to try out the MMR in the field. Fantastic ruck - my search is over.
Thanks Kifaru crew for your dedication to seek out perfection.
I have a concern about the Marauder shoulder-strap system. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems like the length-adjustment straps (wide straps with the metal buckles) tend to dig into the shoulder blades, since they are not protected by padding. I've pulled the buckles as close to the top of the shoulder-straps as possible, yet I feel the buckles.

Any thoughts on this?

05-26-2003, 01:15 PM

Sure do. The Marauder, like all our packs, is built for you wear it such that the hips carry the load. It rides much lower than a "book pack". Be sure you have lowered the pack (by lengthening the shoulder straps) 'til the waistbelt rides around your hips snugly. That'll put the shoulder strap metal adjuster buckles down your back a ways. Then LET the waistbelt carry the load. Don't tighten the shoulder straps anymore than to act as security. This should fix things. If not, you may have a back that's unique in that it protrudes exactly where those aduster buckles are. Not to worry, just take the frame bars out and bend them away from "the spot" so that contact is lessened and it ceases to interfere. Got it?

Thanks for the nice words, and the good questions.

05-26-2003, 06:12 PM
Thank you for the reply, Patrick.
I had a feeling the answer would be as simple as that. You have to forgive my ignorance about how to properly wear a smaller-frame pack such as the Marauder. As a member of the Canadian Army I am used to carrying notoriously poor equipment, such as the 82 pattern ruck. External frame, large pack on top, large external sleeping-bag valise strapped to the bottom. Due to the bulk of the sleeping kit, most of the weight would be at the bottom of the ruck, and the belt (a simple webbing strap with buckles) would wrap around the stomach. Obviously most would not bother with the belt, and would take the load on the shoulders. The only way to carry any load with any semblance of comfort is to try to get the weight as high up on the shoulders as possible.
Ditto with all the "book packs" I've owned.
I'll look at the aluminum stays to see if they need a smaller bend, but my misconception comes from the fact that I tuck away the belt for every-day utility. So I tend to carry the Marauder higher (bad habits die hard).
So do not take my griping as a sign of dissappointment. Quite the contrary. I have to adjust how I utilise this new kit.
I did the MM test on the Marauder - i.e. loading it with stuff and letting the omni belt take the weight with no shoulder straps - truly remarkable.

05-26-2003, 06:39 PM

Hey, nice going. You're getting there. I'd just advise that you leave the shoulder straps in the same position as they'd be in whilst using the waisbelt even when you're NOT using the belt. DON'T think "book pack" and you'll be fine. And don't mess with the stays if you have the pack squared away now. Not worth the chance of screwing up the angles, etc. I reckon you're going to enjoy your new packs. That pleases me greatly. If you got the CargoChair you can have some fun with your friends by carrying them around--always good for a WOW! And doing it on the relative small Marauder brings special raves.

Stay in touch, Sir!