View Full Version : Question on MMR

03-06-2006, 01:09 PM
Does anyone know if a North Face Goliath will fit in the sleeping bag pocket on the MMR? I thinking about getting a new pack. The EMR and the MMR are the two that I am looking at. The Goliath is my winter bag and I am looking for a pack for 4 season use. My real quandry is that the goliath is alot bigger then my summer weight bag and takes up alot of room. I don't want a pack that is busting at the seams during the winter. On the otherhand I want to go as sevlte as possible so I am not tempted to overpack. Whatever new pack I get I am planning on piggybacking my Moutainsmith Spirit on it so I will have an extra 1400 cu in of capacity as a result. The difference between my day pack and backpacking is basically sleeping bag, sleeping pad, shelter (megamid currently), a change of clothes, cooking stuff, and food. The biggest item there sizewise is the sleeping bag as I have finally got everything else pretty compact. So the real question is will the goliath fit or should I just go with the EMR?