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  1. Wolf grey and Foliage
  2. Megatarp?
  3. Best belt pocket for guide lid
  4. Woobie with New Apex Insulation
  5. ZXR vs Pointman
  6. ZXR or EMR?
  7. need opinions on an AR15 SBR case/pack
  8. Guess it was meant to be...
  9. For a Soldier Died Today
  10. Vintage Mountainsmith Gear
  11. No Small Contribution
  12. Happy Veterans Day...
  13. Future smaller packs for duplex
  14. Rhino Den T1-T2-Zippy
  15. Spike Camp Belt Question
  16. Newbie Question.
  17. Accessories for Spike Camp
  18. Am I missing something?
  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. Urgent Late Season Question
  21. GI Nomex Underwear
  22. Old packs on current frames
  23. Boot DWR
  24. guide lid on zulu
  25. Happy Birthday to William Clunie!!!
  26. Joining the club
  27. Pack Selection Help
  28. New Companion knife!!
  29. Made a hand fish kit for my CS Bushman
  30. 2015 Darwin Awards
  31. Please.....PLEASE Support "GUN CONTROL"......it is important.....PLEASE
  32. Koala Lite Review
  33. Bill Krenz's Birthday
  34. 22 Mag for edc
  35. Duplex and Bikini Frames
  36. OR Dry Bags
  37. Kifaru Hand Warmer
  38. Merry Christmas
  39. Guide lid direct to new duplex
  40. Happy New Year
  41. Foliage/OD
  42. Discontinued ramblers
  43. New pack
  44. Sellers remorse?
  45. Goruck GR2 vs Xing?
  46. Pockets for Cargo Panel
  47. Mapping system?
  48. I finally bit the bullet
  49. Pocket vs organizer on UZ
  50. Late Season plus Guide Lid
  51. Capacity of Kifaru Side Pockets?
  52. New frame
  53. The Revenant. Meh. What'd you think of it?
  54. Lester River Bushcraft "Boreal Shirt". Anyone have one? Please tell me about it....
  55. How It's Made: Cesar's bark canoe.
  56. Ever notice that the best down jackets/parkas come in the worst colors?
  57. What does Aron go by here?
  58. Newbie question re: tribar slides
  59. Duplex Frame--- Shoulder straps
  60. elk quarter on a Duplex frame
  61. OD green?
  62. Duplex perspiration?
  63. spike camp
  64. otw bag
  65. Photo request
  66. WTB Kifaru Field Chair
  67. Recommend a pack
  68. Field Chair.....
  69. Petition for a redesigned ZXR style bag
  70. What sleeping pad is everybody using these days? Foam, inflatable? Recommendations?
  71. Sleeping bags, and stuff sacks.
  72. Kifaru Woobie pass as possible sleeping pad?
  73. PALS grid on large Omni Belt?
  74. Your tax dollars at work, video
  75. WTB Standard Lid or Guide Lid in Foilage
  76. How is your Dup Timberline Setup?
  77. Timberline archive
  78. Whoa....
  79. Attention Kifaru Customers
  80. A great read.
  81. When Tipi-ing in the wet, are you bivying, or are you dropping Tyvek?
  82. Greetings and question about the mountain warrior pack
  83. security certificate for kifaru's website...
  84. Does Kifaru except prototype designs of field gear from customers\fans?
  85. Is it just me or is the product line shrinking?
  86. So look what I did and found this weekend!!
  87. Phone lines down!!!!
  88. Opinion
  89. ZXR G2 vs Duplex2015
  90. Uh-oh....
  91. so when does the Kifaru Woobie go on sale?
  92. Guide lid & organiser
  93. FLAT tarp with stove jack
  94. Deadman's Roadblock
  95. Guide lid on a DT3
  96. Request for Assistance - DT2 w/ Duplex UL Frame Assembly
  97. i have a MYSTERY ranch..........
  98. What colors are in current production?
  99. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Old dog Piers Morgan learns new trick....
  100. See the forest, not the trees.....
  101. Eyes wide shut...
  102. Pic request 22" bags on 26" frame
  103. Is there anything better than Frank...........
  104. Strange Obsession
  105. Well, I guess we know what side he's on...
  106. Obama's DOJ may sue if local zoning board denies zoning change for Mosque...
  107. Sickening slap in the face and spit on the shoes of every US military man or woman..
  108. Obama's new Atty Genl warns courts against prosecuting "persons of color"
  109. Couple basic articles on the AR15/M16 DI gas system....
  110. Bushcraft Knife and Coffee
  111. What do you think would happen if you did this?
  112. What happened to politics correct (or not) section?
  113. Supertarp vs. Megatarp
  114. Best waterproofing
  115. Fly Rod Set-up for beginner
  116. So I never posted my Christmas present from Santa!!
  117. air travel with the omni frame sheet
  118. Omni Suspension Packs 45l/2700ci range
  119. Rocket Launcher for sale
  120. Chest Rigs
  121. I am a backcountry hunter, but I backpack all year round.
  122. Hi! The rookie has landed...
  123. Thru himing the AT with a bivvy
  124. Timberline 2
  125. Weight difference 26 duplex with composte vs New Hunting frame
  126. Weekly Training Hikes in the Fort Collins, CO Area
  127. Yep another which frame should I get thread! Seriously I do need help with this.
  128. DIY hardware link
  129. Where are Kifaru materials sourced?
  130. Clean Duplex/Osprey Child Carrier set up
  131. Opinions on side zip vs center zip slick bags
  132. Best Hiking Boot for the Money ?
  133. What current color goes with Foliage?
  134. Kifaru Warranty / Repairs ....?
  135. Belt pouch/lock and load pouch capacity and mounting.
  136. First tenkara rod
  137. Pack Advice
  138. Spike Camp
  139. New Kifaru materials/fabrics as good as the old?
  140. Some questions about my Antero
  141. How to keep loose pack straps under control
  142. Kifaru GPS Pouch Attachment Question
  143. Zippy question
  144. New backpacks
  145. Gaiters, what yall using?
  146. Wolf Grey Antero
  147. Field chair upgrade
  148. New 500D packs?
  149. Ranger Green or ?
  150. Question on a Nomad setup
  151. First Kifaru
  152. Where's Ralph?
  153. Let's start with a X-ray
  154. Lets start a picture thread!
  155. Nomad wing pocket cut
  156. Koala Light gone?
  157. 14'r Bag - aka Suspensionless 14'r?
  158. Wet around the ears
  159. Kifaru field chair
  160. Koala lite or hpg origanl kit bag?
  161. Are the side pockets being discontinued?
  162. Kifaru Water Bottle Pockets
  163. New tactical frames...do they have power pulls @ waist?
  164. Which stove for the Sawtooth?
  165. Are scout discontinued?
  166. Updated Backcounrty Navigation Course?
  167. Rokslide website down?
  168. Bear Spray
  169. Thank you to all @ Kifaru for making me my perfect bag
  170. Concealed pistol while backpacking
  171. Back Country Navigation Course at Kifaru
  172. Has anyone had dealings with Big Sky Products?
  173. What is most comfortable
  174. Things that make you go....UGH!
  175. Some pics from my day hike
  176. Happy Fathers Day Dads
  177. Ever rip a Kifaru tarp?
  178. Looking for load out and field pics of people's Tarryall's
  179. Thought Combat Insulation Was Done Away With ?
  180. Back Country Navigation at Kifaru - Map Datums
  181. mystery ranch nice frame question
  182. Thoughts on k clip conversion?
  183. Homemade Backcountry meals - looking for ideas
  184. They grow up so fast
  185. Back Country Navigation at Kifaru - Map Reading - Ridges, Spurs, and Draws
  186. I need some kifaru knowledge dropped on me
  187. How to conduct a proper trade within the forums?
  188. Exploring Colorado
  189. Need advice on 14'er or Nomad + Frame
  190. Back Country Navigation at Kifaru - GPS and GLONASS
  191. Whose loving their Smith Cylinder Stove?
  192. FNG. G2 Late Season questions
  193. Anyone tried the First Lite Corrugate Guide pant?
  194. Happy fourth of july
  195. iPhone GPS/Mapping App
  196. Kifaru got a new camera
  197. Back Country Navigation Course at Kifaru - The Importance of Good Position Plotting
  198. I rarely use the stuff sack on Woobie or Doobie
  199. Luggage Backpack
  200. 22 mag question
  201. HPG Prairie Belt for Duplex?
  202. Dyeing ACU
  203. Pic request: ACU and Wolf Gray
  204. When did you guys stop adding the pocket on the kifaru stuff sacks?
  205. How to Zero a Scope
  206. Pics from this weekend overnight excursion
  207. How are you packing in your Smith Cylinder Stove?
  208. New Tombstone Pistol Pouch?
  209. If anyone was wondering what a Kifaru repair looked like...
  210. Back Country Navigation Training at Kifaru
  211. Pics of Wolf Grey
  212. Strap/buckle lubrication
  213. This weekends overnighter pics
  214. EDC Binos
  215. What new items would you like to see?
  216. Camo Tyvek Source ??
  217. Belt question
  218. Advice
  219. Dying Cordura, Tyvek, plastic, etc.
  220. A recipe request
  221. Any tips on scent removal from a pack?
  222. Tenkara Trip to Alaska
  223. Kifaru E&E Side Pockets
  224. Gore-tex footwear discussion: Pros and cons
  225. Duplex Timberline 1 Newbie HELP!!!
  226. Hydrolysis - Sticky Cordura
  227. How does a Guide Lid attach
  228. Kifaru Visit...Sept 1st, 2nd or 22nd ?
  229. Attaching Long Pocket to Molle Horizontally
  230. Is the Scout going away???
  231. Kuiu Sizing
  232. MMR AG1 Question
  233. Visited Mecca!
  234. Adding Organization to Kifaru Pockets
  235. 14'r thought
  236. Duplex vs frame in pack?
  237. Garmin Topo Help
  238. Gaining Back country Experience
  239. Amazing hunt with Kifaru gear
  240. Waste strap for Zippy?
  241. Back after a long hiatus
  242. Cell Phones and Compass Polarity
  243. New pack for 22" Frame
  244. A few pics from this weekend
  245. Is this factory?
  246. What pouch is this?
  247. Reloading - Tumbler vs. Sonic
  248. Hey Aron Snyder
  249. 9 days....
  250. Mike Knifong aka Hunt'n'fish has passed