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  1. Kifaru Ultralights Now Live!
  2. Ultra light bag on a G2 hauler frame???
  3. More Info and Photos Here
  4. History of Kifaru Ultralights
  5. question about the top lid strap attachment point
  6. Question about Hand Warmer pouch
  7. The Official 6500 ci Ultralite LH Bag BEGGING THREAD
  8. Future Ultralight Products
  9. External lash Rings/Loops
  10. KU gunbearer questions
  11. Timberline Pack?
  12. powerpull on new ultralights?
  13. KU or "Regular" Hunting Pack (Mel?? Patrick?)
  14. Additional info on KU products
  15. KU Koala
  16. Question on the previous secrecy of the KU line
  17. Bowhunter question.
  18. Replacement line?
  19. Exotic wood... from where?
  20. KU Belt Pouch on Traditional Pack PALS belt
  21. shoulder and waist belt material question
  22. Pocket ?s
  23. Pocket Questions
  24. How effective are the two compression straps on the KU-5200?
  25. Strength of the KU material?
  26. Suspension
  27. Cargo Chair???
  28. Relative Suspension/Belt Differences across KU Models
  29. Two questions.
  30. Chances of DIYers procuring material?
  31. Stash it on KU belt?
  32. More Pocket Questions
  33. Just pulled trigger to KU5200
  34. KU pockets on current Duplex Frame?
  35. Best way to haul meat in an UL 5200
  36. Hydration Bladders?
  37. Pack sizing and a couple other questions
  38. pacs
  39. What is the Best Fanny Pack Spike Out Option for a KU5200
  40. Denver Sportsmen EXPO?
  41. Some KU Questions for Mel/Patrick, or whomever might know the answers
  42. Where to start?
  43. KU Videos Live!
  44. KU Long Pocket Question
  45. Ultralight Color Question...
  46. KU3700 Suspension Questions
  47. KU Pockets for Hunting Packs Question
  48. Elk Quarters
  49. Slot Pockets?
  50. KU pack fastest delivery in March
  51. KU Koala Questions
  52. Patching UL holes?
  53. Winter Camping in the Kirafu Tipi
  54. Torso Length Question
  55. Could you compare a Siwash to a 3700?
  56. Is the KU bottle pocket supposed to come with a drawcord toggle?
  57. Kifaru UL field testing photos and vids.
  58. weight of KU 2200 bag only?
  59. First Time Soloist
  60. Which KU pack are most LH users switching to?
  61. Belt Heights?
  62. UL E&E Question
  63. KU Koala link removed?
  64. Hauling a Moose Quarter
  65. KU ship dates?
  66. KU 3700 to try on
  67. What are KU bags pouches made of?
  68. Are the KU Packs Waterproof??
  69. Weights and photos of the Regulator bags for those interusted
  70. would the UL5200 fit my hunting needs
  71. News on coming products
  72. UL5200 vs UL3700??
  73. Ultralights with removable Duplex Frame
  74. Request for Kifaru Ultralight Initial Experiences/Impressions
  75. KU Interior attachment points?
  76. KU 3700 Reduced My 3 Day Weight to 31lbs
  77. Ultralight series (especially 2200) as mountaineering/climbing packs?
  78. G2 Frame and new light weight Pods?
  79. Using a Koala on a non-Kifaru pack?
  80. Looks like the anniversary present will make it after all!!!
  81. Black bear in a KU5200
  82. Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee
  83. Bear Cannisters
  84. KU 3700 going to Ukraine as carry on
  85. KU Koala for Binos/Rangefinder
  86. Question on new UL5200
  87. Compressibility of KU 5200
  88. Camp stool?
  89. Ul e&e
  90. Give us the dirt
  91. Sawtooth Liner???
  92. KU3700 Pics
  93. Can KU koala work with belt and New Handwarmer?
  94. Hanging Meat Bag
  95. KU3700 Weight
  96. KU CargoChair Compatibility?
  97. KU Grab It Question
  98. Any cargo chair updates for the UL's?
  99. KU water bottle pouch on KU Koala?
  100. Fabric repair ?'s
  101. Will a Fleece Panel from the Hunting line fit on a KU Cargo Chair?
  102. Koala
  103. Why the different width for webbing on the front and rear of the KU Koala?
  104. KU 3700...wow
  105. Ku Packs & Elk Quarters
  106. Power pull belt on KU 5200?
  107. Swapping stays
  108. Will a Sawtooth Canopy fit into a Long Pocket?
  109. Saw tooth and Ku 5200
  110. Typo in Koala page???
  111. Camp chair question
  112. KU Owners - Some questions and feedback requested on Pockets/pouches/accessories
  113. KU Folding Chair
  114. KU 3700 question
  115. KU3700 impressions after use.
  116. KU 2200 Owners
  117. ku5200 vs T2
  118. KU design question
  119. What is the best method for attaching the KU adaptors
  120. KU carbon fiber/wood stays question . . .
  121. Koala question
  122. Day pack when hiking in?
  123. Outdoor Life
  124. 5200
  125. KU2200 dimensions
  126. 2200 vs 3700 for mountaineering
  127. Ku e&e
  128. Auxullary rifle holster on ku2200/3700
  129. OK, now that the excitement on the KU packs has settled down
  130. KU 3700 stay length
  131. How to fix a tear
  132. Question for KU5200 Owners
  133. Can the KU packs be used without the belt?
  134. So what is the most prefered way to haul meat with the KU backpacks?
  135. 'Ultralights'
  136. Anyone have a photo of and Elk Quarter being packed out in a KU Pack?
  137. Anyone know why Kifaru cancelled the KU Koala?
  138. Don't be afraid of the dark...or aluminum
  139. Power Pull issue on KU Packs
  140. KU E&E and Pull Outs
  141. Boise area
  142. composite stay question
  143. Kifaru Ultralight Packs - abrasion
  144. Tactical E&E dock and Lock to a KU3700
  145. 7 to 10 day hunts
  146. KU Setup on eBay
  147. KU Koala Lite?
  148. Day Hunt Solution for KU5200
  149. top lid's buckles are in the bottom and 0110?
  150. First real KU3700 Use
  151. KU3700 and Kifaru 8 man tipi
  152. Does anyone know when Kifaru will make flat back composite stays?
  153. lt. wt. inner tent
  154. Question on Bow carry with a KU Pack
  155. KU XTL Top Lid
  156. a few KU3700 quistions
  157. KU packs Warranty
  158. KU 5200 load handling
  159. KU fabric
  160. Kifaru ultralight E&E
  161. Kifaru KU2200
  162. KU ladder locks and webbing?
  163. Bikini frame fitting guide
  164. Custom gear
  165. E&E Question
  166. What ax?
  167. KU line
  168. Turn your kifaru ultralight into a diy bikini frame
  169. Picture of Ku 3700 belt from the front ( side that touches your back )
  170. Advice on the KU 3700
  171. KU Water Bottle attachment mod/option?
  172. The Incredible KU Pods
  173. HighCamp
  174. KU Koala Lift Kit
  175. KU Gear
  176. no ku3700 on the website?
  177. Patching Holes in KU 5200
  178. What is good training ballast for KU pack?
  179. How do I select a new sleeping bag?
  180. Zimmerbuilt pack on Kifaru Bikini Frame
  181. The KU madness has gone off the Deep end.
  182. ku powerpulls
  183. K U pockets and a cargo panel
  184. Anyone heard of Kiteluxe
  185. HighCamp Question
  186. KU Material pockets and Accessories getting phased out?
  187. KU on tactical pals
  188. Pockets
  189. Common Loops on the KU Long Pockets
  190. New Kifaru KU Long Pocket?
  191. Grab it II
  192. Ku 3700
  193. Belt pouches
  194. KU Pack waist belts
  195. 1st Experience with my KU5200
  196. KU long pockets
  197. Kifaru Stuff Sacks
  198. KU E/E straps
  199. Koala Lite harness on a KU Koala?
  200. Substitute for KU packs
  201. Need a new pack which Kifaru
  202. New Pack Material?
  203. Small Batch Request, KU Koala
  204. Substitute KU belt?
  205. Running KU 3700 without a belt?
  206. Best way to clean KU packs
  207. Best sil nylon repair kits for KU packs?
  208. need help picking MR scapegoat hill people umlindi or kifaru scout
  209. Changing stays on the KU5200
  210. Will a Duplex belt work on a bikini frame?
  211. U.L. question
  212. 24 or26 duplex
  213. Possibility of Future KU packs and accessories?
  214. WTB 3700 or 5200 26" Stays
  215. Like New KU3700 with belt that fits 27-28 waist and belt that fits 37" waist
  216. Hello could i get some help